Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This blog will serve as a repository of my thoughts on various films, movies, and television shows. When I view shows I find that I usually look beyond the surface of the entertainment value regardless of the subject. Whether it is a popcorn action flick, a deeply emotional indie film, a silly rom-com, a thought provoking sci-fi film, a stupid comedy, or a simple drama there is always more than just the acting and dialogue being presented.

When I was very young my father would watch shows with my brother and I and afterwards would ask us questions about what we had watched. I believe he did this to not only make sure that we understood the information we were taking in but also to ensure that we would never be blindly led into anything. He also would have us watch specific shows to help facilitate growth of our selves and our thought processing capabilities. As I grew older I've found that though I can and do watch shows to be entertained there is a part of my mind, sometimes conscious and sometimes not, that is processing deeply all that is being projected at it. My mother has also contributed to my deeper thought processing of films and television shows, which is why to this very day, she is still my favorite viewing partner!

Basically, I was taught to think and as I've grown and experienced more of the world and the people in it I realize most people don't really think. At least not like I do. Most conversations I have, specifically about entertainment being that is the focus of this blog, I usually find I experienced a lot more from a particular show than the person I'm conversing with. I usually get a strange look and/or comments along the line of: "You really got all of that out of that," or "I never thought about all that," or "You think a lot," etc.

That is enough explaining of myself for now. I'll let you experience for yourself over the next few months the workings of my mind.

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