Saturday, April 7, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I haven't been able to keep up with my blog recently for one very important reason.

Talea about 20 minutes on the outside.

My daughter was born on March 17, 2012. My wife and I went to the hospital on the 16th for an induction as our daughter's due date was on the 7th and she obviously did not want to come out. Neither of us was crazy about forcing her out, but as my wife had difficulties throughout the entire pregnancy and she is in the age range where having a baby is increasingly difficult, we reluctantly followed the doctor's suggestions. Unfortunately, my wife was expertly maneuvered into having a cesarean section by the doctors at the hospital. (They would never admit that , of course, but that's why I said expertly. Oh yeah, if you live in New York City do NOT go to Roosevelt hospital to have a baby. Those people are ridiculous and I have not heard a single woman say they had a good birthing experience there. Not one.) Again, my wife had difficulties with her pregnancy and some of them carried over into post-partum. She had to stay an extra day and I brought Talea home by my self that day. A week after being released from the hospital my wife had to go back and stayed another 2 and half days. So far, she is doing much better but it is still difficult for her, so nearly all of my focus is on her and the baby. I've fallen behind on everything and am only now slowly trying to catch up

The entire experience was not pleasant for my wife. The doctors and the majority of the nurses were all cold and impersonal or just down right insensitive and inattentive. The term "patient centered care" seems foreign in today's medical system, which is completely disheartening when speaking about women giving birth and the post-partum period, a time when women are completely vulnerable, sensitive, and nearly completely dependent on others for help. Women and their health and health needs are truly not respected as they should be in our society, for I quickly noticed the same negative, and sometimes biased, care with other women in the maternity ward and post-partum ward, as well as spoke to numerous women since. It is truly appalling. I will refrain from further musings on the failings of our medical system. I would call it a health care system but it is obvious they care nothing for health, just medicine.

Moving right along, despite the horrendous care, I  am completely overjoyed at the birth of my baby girl and so is my wife. She is beautiful and strong and I look forward to being her father and guide on her journey of life here.

A few days old. She is growing strong.